Our core principles

Many neurological diseases can be treated superbly on an outpatient basis. Thanks to the range of diagnostic equipment in the practice itself, as well as in cooperation with a multidisciplinary outpatient care network of doctors from all specialist areas and various therapeutic disciplines, we can spare our patients long waiting times and hospital stays.

Philosophie - Das ist uns wichtig
Philosophie - Das ist uns wichtig

People are the measure of all things

Instead of an impersonal hospital atmosphere with constantly changing staff and high-tech equipment-based care, we offer personalised medical care for individual patients characterised by continuity of care and a friendly atmosphere. As part of our holistic perspective, we are firm believers in the importance of doctor–patient communication to complement meticulous and thorough diagnostics based on laboratory results.

The best of both worlds

Neurological therapy includes prevention, care and aftercare and is therefore more than simply prescribing medication. We strive to provide personalised therapy that comprises a holistic treatment concept for each individual patient. Targeted drug therapy (as many pills as necessary, as few as possible), combined with other therapeutic measures (e.g. a change of diet, exercise and physiotherapy, acupuncture), often achieves better treatment results than a one-dimensional, dogmatic approach.

Alongside state-of-the-art conventional medical methods, we also have special expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and traditional European medicine (naturopathic treatment). This means that we can offer our patients the best of both worlds.

Philosophie - Das ist uns wichtig